Benefits Consulting

Outstanding service and the ability to provide our clients with independent advice sets North Star Financial Partners apart from other benefits consultants. We have no in-house products to sell and are therefore not beholden to any company. We evaluate each employer's unique situation and then and only then will we recommend specific services or products which we believe will help meet your specific goals.


Employers make a significant investment in their employees. In fact, the cost of benefits can significantly add to the highest expense of doing business: payroll. The benefits you provide play a major role in helping you attract and retain your employees.

The costs of employee benefits - combined with the complex laws and regulations governing such programs - make employee benefits a challenging area. It stands to reason that a benefits package must be carefully designed by a well-informed practitioner who can focus on your specific needs, minimize complexity and pay attention to regulatory considerations. Our relationships with numerous providers help us provide the best opportunities available and implement changes quickly.

To ensure consistency with your circumstances and resources, we research and evaluate the following programs when designing benefits packages for every level of employee:

  • Group medical, dental and vision plans
  • Retirement plans (e.g. 401(k), 403(b), Simple IRA, etc...)
  • Group or individual life insurance
  • Group or individual disability income insurance
  • Group or individual long-term care insurance
  • Cafeteria plans